Advanced student search

The advanced student search allows you to add students to your achievement using one or more fields, and then you can further customize those results using a geography selector, which looks at the student's hometown postal code. 


Step 1: When adding students, click the advanced search link. 

Step 2: Click on a search field. Search fields include first name, last name, email address, state, hometown, major, and minor. 

Step 3. Add a search condition in the text box following the field you entered, then click the search button. The example below shows a search for all students with a math major. 

Add Variables:

You can separate multiple values with the pipe "|" character, e.g., @major English|Geology. For example, the search below finds all students with the major of English OR Geology. 

The search below finds all students with the major of English OR Geology AND are from the state of Alaska.

Geography Limiter

The geography limiter allows you to narrow your results by the proximity of the student's hometown postal code to another postal code. For example, the search below find students with a major of geography OR math who's hometown postal code is within 40 miles of postal code 99505. 

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