Using the Mentions Newsfeed

Merit's Media Monitoring helps you find stories in the news that mention your institution, and when it's news that you want to share publicly, the Mentions Newsfeed allows you to generate a feed of these news articles that you can add to your institutional website. 

Managing Your Newsfeed Tags

Your newsfeed is created by tagging mentions in your media monitoring inbox that you want in your feed. By default your account comes with a tag called "Newsfeed" which you can use to manage these stories, but you can use any of the tags in your account to determine what appears in your newsfeed. 

Select tags to be used with Newsfeed:

Go to the Settings section of Merit, then go to the Mentions menu to determine which tags will be used for your Newsfeed. We suggest using the auto-generated "newsfeed" tag, but you can choose any tag(s) you wish to generate your feed.

Internal Newsfeed Page

All stories that are on your Newsfeed are grouped on the Newsfeed page, under the News menu as shown below. This page is useful for adding and removing stories from your public newsfeed. 

Add Mentions Newsfeed to your website using RSS or HTML

Navigate to the Settings section of Merit, then go to the Mentions tab to locate your newsfeed. You have 2 options for publishing the feed:

  • RSS Feed: Use the custom RSS feed that is generated to add to your institutional site. 
  • HTML Feed: The Newsfeed may also be accessed via HTML. A code snippet is provided to add the feed to your website using an iframe, adjusting the size as necessary. 

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