Tagging mentions

You can add tags to your media mentions to organize and group them within your account. In addition, an automatically generated "Newsfeed" tag allows you to create a Mentions Newsfeed of stories that you can share on your institutional website. Learn more about your Mentions Newsfeed here

Tagging mentions

Option 1: Add tag to a mention from inbox page

Mouseover a clip in your inbox and select the tag button. Select an existing tag, or create a new tag for the mention by typing it in the text field. 

Option 2: Add a tag on the mention page

Click on a news mention in your inbox, and apply a tag from the page for that mention as shown below:

Option 3: Add tags in bulk from inbox page

Select multiple mentions in your inbox, and use the tag button that appears when you select more than one mention. A lightbox will open up that allows you to add tags. 

Filtering by tag

All tags are shown in the filters section of your mentions inbox. Click on a tag to filter all mentions by that tag. 

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