Settings: Landing Pages


Landing pages can be configured on the Landing Pages tab in your Merit settings:

Types of landing pages (Javascript or iFrame)

To use a web page on your own website as the landing page for a Merit achievement or Newsroom press release you must either:

  1. Include our merit.js Javascript library on your web page, OR
  2. Allow your web page to be placed into an IFRAME

Landing Page Option 1: iFrame mode  

For this option you must ensure that the landing page you wish to use allows iFrames. There is no other set up required. If your landing page does not allow iFrames, then you must either enable this option on your site, or use option 2 - Javascript mode.  

Landing Page Option 2: Javascript mode 

For this option you must ensure that the following javascript is present in the <head> section of your landing page:
  <script src=""></script>

Adding a new landing page

1. Go to Settings > Landing pages

2. Click "New Landing Page" link. 

3. Give your landing page a name for reference, and paste the URL for the page. Next, choose the type of page and then click the Save button. 

Email templates for requesting IT assistance

You may need assistance from your institution's webmaster to configure your landing page using the javascript option. Here's an email template you can use wen requesting help setting this up:

We are using a marketing platform called Merit to publish stories about student success. Merit delivers the stories we publish to students, the media, high schools, elected officials, and parents via email. The story emails contain a link that the recipient can follow to read the full story. Those links can either go to a Merit owned property or if we use their optional "Landing Pages" feature, to our own website.

However, to utilize the "Landing Pages" feature, we need to include some Javascript on either specific pages we choose, or globally across our institutional website. Merit's Javascript will look for specific parameters in the URL and, if found, will load the corresponding story from their platform into a light-box over top of the page. For example, if we publish a story through Merit about students studying abroad, we may choose to direct those links to the study abroad page on our website.

This process is similar to scripts you might include on our websites for other services such as Facebook or Google Analytics. The script should be included inside the HEAD tag of the page or pages. MERIT SCRIPT: <script src=""></script>

Deleting a landing page

You may delete a landing page if necessary. If you delete a landing page all links to that story will redirect to Merit's default landing page on 

Invalid landing pages

If Merit detects that any of your landing pages has become invalid, then you will receive an email notification letting you know. Reasons for a landing page becoming invalid could include: 

  1. The merit.js Javascript library was removed from your web page
  2. Your webpage no longer allows for content to be displayed in an IFrame. 

Still need help? Contact Us

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us