Video Walkthrough

Here you will find videos to walk you through the six simple steps to publishing an achievement:

  1. Summarize your achievement
  2. Add students
  3. Write your story
  4. Add photos and video
  5. Select distribution channels
  6. Write a press release

Getting Started

Before publishing your first achievement, here are a few things you'll need to know:

To begin a new achievement, click the  New Achievement button on your dashboard or Achievements tab:

Write a title and summary, and select a landing page


Add students to your story


Write your Merit story


Add your photos and video


Select your distribution channels

Write your local press releases (optional)
Preview and Publish

Here you will be able to preview your story in its various forms. You will want to click the Looks Good button on each phase and then finally the Publish Now button to submit the story to Merit's editors for review.

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