Step 1: Summarize your achievement

Write an achievement title and summary

The achievement title and summary will be used for the online version of your achievement, and serves as a general overview of the content. We recommend that your summary be no more than 1-2 paragraphs. Its purpose to is generically describe the achievement that the students are being recognized for. You'll add the full version of the story later on in the process. 

Select an achievement type

After crafting your title and summary, select a topic for your achievement. Use the dropdown box to select one of the available achievement types. They will be broken down into categories such as on-campus activities, awards, education and work experience. If your story doesn't match up to one of the available topics, simply use the "Achievement (Other)" option.

Select a semester

Next pick a semester for your achievement by using the dropdown box to choose the appropriate one from the list. You can backdate an achievement by selecting semesters from previous years, or move forward to choose a semester in the future. Keep in mind that each calendar year begins with a "Winter" semester and ends with a "Fall" semester.

Select a landing page

In this step you'll choose a "Landing Page" for your story. When you use a custom landing page, the story will open in a lightbox displayed on top of a page of your choice on your institutional site. All of your email and web traffic for the story will be directed to your chosen page. If a visitor closes the lightbox, they will remain on your institutional website. Use the dropdown box to select the landing page that you'd like to use.

You can configure multiple landing pages inside your account using the Settings tab. Learn more about how landing pages work, or how to set up a landing page

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