Step 5: Select distribution channels

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This guide will take you through Step 5 of the Merit achievement workflow. Here you will learn about sharing your achievements with additional audiences. 

In addition to emailing your achievements to students and their families, you can also share them on social media, and connect with local government representatives, high schools, and newspapers. Simply check the appropriate box to reach that audience.

Some of these boxes will be checked by default, but you can always uncheck them. Here's a brief description of each option:

  • Hometown newspapers will receive an emailed press release shortly after your achievement is approved by a Merit editor. Checking this box will open up the sixth (and final) step of the achievement workflow. Learn more about press releases to the media.
  • Local government representatives will receive an email digest once per week when students from their district are recognized through Merit. They can view these stories online and even send students congratulatory notes directly through Merit. Learn more about emails to government reps.
  • High school principals and guidance counselors will receive a weekly email digest when their alumni are recognized through Merit. Like government reps, they can view these stories online and send students congratulatory emails. Learn more about emails to high schools.

Lastly, under distribution channels you will also see the social sites synched to your Merit account. Check any of the boxes to automatically share a link to your achievement's landing page on that social media account.

You can click the link at the bottom to customize your posts, adding a messages that will be viewers on social media.

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