Step 7: Preview your achievement

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The final step of the achievement workflow is to advance through the preview workflow. 

Verify Spreadsheet Mapping:

The purpose of this preview is to make sure your student data looks correct. 

On the left you'll see the column headers in your spreadsheet and the Merit field that they are mapped to. (Or, you'll see Merit's default fields if you used the search tool to add your students.) On the right you'll see a sample student with an example of the data. You can view a new random student by clicking on the "View Another Example" button.


Preview Student and Parent Emails:

This preview will show you what the emails to students and parents will look like. 

Preview Student's Online Story

The preview of the student's online story shows you an example of what each student will see when they click through from their achievement notification email, and also how the story will appear when viewed on their Merit page. The Preview tool allows you to sample how the story will look for various students in your list. 

Preview Press Releases

The press release preview will show you examples of what the press releases to the media will look like if you chose to include them.

Keep in mind that the newspaper stories that you see here are sample stories, and they do not represent a specific story being sent to a specific newspaper. They will show you a story about a randomly selected student -- or three students when you're viewing a group press release. 

While previewing your stories, you will be alerted if some of your students have gaps in their personalized data. In most cases, this is normal, but if you see that some students are missing important information (like hometowns), you may want to go back and make changes.

If some of your students are missing information, you can use the dropdown box at the top to view your various story possibilities. Clicking the refresh option here will show you a new sample of students every time.

Preview Social Media Posts

If you chose to post your achievement to social media, you'll see a preview of what those posts will look like. 

Preview Story on Landing Page 

If you chose to use a custom landing page for your achievement, the last step of the preview workflow will allow you to see how that story will look when displayed over the landing page on your institutional site. 

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