Step 2: Add students by spreadsheet

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Spreadsheets are the best way to add large lists of students to an achievement. To add a spreadsheet of students, click the Upload Spreadsheet button:

You will then be able to choose the spreadsheet you'd like to import:  

After selecting your file and clicking Upload, you will see the list of students inside the workflow:  

You can click on the silhouette to the left of any student to upload an individual headshot or photo for that person.

Below your list, you will see a section for mapping student data. Most of these fields will be auto-mapped for you. You can use the dropdown boxes to make any necessary changes to these mappings:

Some of these fields (like first and last names, emails and zip codes are required), but others (like majors, degrees, and class years) are optional.

Clicking  Save & Continue will prompt you to begin writing your Merit story. If there were any problems validating your students, you will be alerted to them at this time. Go here for help or more information about spreadsheet validation.

Augmenting student data

Above the Map Student Data section, you will see a yellow box. Clicking on the link will expand the box and allow you to supplement your spreadsheet with any student data that is already saved inside Merit:

Once expanded you will be able to pick and choose which of Merit's saved data fields you'd like to incorporate into your list. Simply check boxes to use the corresponding data sets, or check the Add all available data box to use them all:

After clicking the Add Selected Fields button, that data will be added to your list. They will appear with the prefix "merit_" and will be automatically mapped when possible: 

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