Add students to a sent achievement

In this article you will learn how to add students to one of your previously published achievements if they were previously omitted. Here are some steps for adding the omitted student to the existing achievement:


 Locate the Add Students feature

On the  Achievements tab, select the Add Students option:


 Add your students

Here you can choose a method for adding your students. You can add students by uploading a spreadsheet, search for them, or typing them directly into the form. Select the option that works best for you:

Use the uploading a spreadsheet link to add your new students to the existing achievement:

Note: If you are uploading a spreadsheet, you will want to make sure the column headers in your new spreadsheet are identical to the ones in your original spreadsheet. Merit lets you download a blank version of your previous spreadsheet to use as a template. 

Your newly added students will appear in the online view:

Click Next to advance.


 Notify local newspapers 

If your original story was sent to the media you'll have the option of also notifying newspapers about the additions to your achievement. You can always skip notifying the media and add the student to the online story only:

When selecting the Yes option, you will be able to craft your message to the media. Your original story will appear here, but you can make changes to the story if you'd like:

Note: These changes will NOT affect your previously sent press releases. The edits that you make here will ONLY affect your newly added students' stories.

Here you can also add an optional note for the media if you'd like. This note will appear at the top of your press release. We recommend using it to explain that the student was left off the original press release:


 Preview and publish

Click Preview after making the necessary changes to your press releases to review your story. You will advance through the same previews as Merit's achievement workflow. If you opted to send your story to local media, you'll see a press release preview before publishing:

Note: If, after adding your students, you need to resend your entire story to the media, you'll also want to follow the instructions for correcting an achievement.

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