Correct an achievement

Follow the steps below to make corrections to to a published achievement, such as correcting text errors, adding and removing photos and more. 

Note: If you need to add students AND correct your achievement, you should add the students first, and then return to this workflow to make corrections. 


 Locate the achievement

On the  Achievements tab, select the Correction option:


 Make changes to your story

Here you can update your previously published title, summary and online student stories. You can also alter your achievement's topic and semester, upload new photos, or select a new landing page. 


 Resend to the media (Optional)

If you want to send your corrections to the media, check the Yes box in the Resend to the media section. You'll be required to add a note to the media explaining the corrections. This note will appear at the top of your press release. We recommend using it to explain the difference between the original press release and this new corrected one:


 Preview and publish

Click  Preview Edits after making the necessary changes, and follow the remaining steps to preview and publish your corrections. If you opted to send your story to local media, you'll see a press release preview before publishing:

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