Merit Release Notes, June/July 2019

Add equivalency values added to media monitoring

We've added ad equivalency value tools to Media Monitoring. Ad Equivalency is a statistic that attempts to measure the value of media coverage that you have received, by comparing it with the cost that it would take to advertise on those websites or platforms. Your default CPM values are automatically configured in your Merit settings as shown below, but you may change these values as desired. Learn more here.

Statistics for daily page views and visitors added to media monitoring table & CSV export

We now include the statistics for daily visitors and daily page views (for the media source) on the csv export for news mentions. 

Reach and Engagement Stats Added to Media Monitoring

We've added a new "Reach and Engagement" section to Media Monitoring Analytics. The stats sum up daily visitors and page views for the news sources that are applicable for the time period used on the report. Learn more here.

Email Redesign

We have refreshed the design of email notifications to students and parents. 

Increased security added for student login links 

We've tightened up the security for login links in emails to students. Any account login links included in emails to students will only be valid for 3 days. After 3 days the link will take the student into a workflow for acquiring a new login link. 

Instructional videos added to achievement workflow

Need a refresher? We've added all new videos to our achievement workflow for each step, showing you how to complete each one. Watch the full set of tutorials here.

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