Merit Release Notes, August 2019

Enhanced Previewing Added to Achievement Preview Workflow

We've redesigned the achievement preview workflow to give the you more options for previewing how your achievements will look, in particular when creating stories where placeholders apply to some students, but not all students. 
  • Adds tool for previewing stories where records are missing particular values
  • Refresh button allows you to preview more records
  • Breaks the single format preview and group format preview into unique steps

LinkedIn Sharing added to Student email notifications

We've added LinkedIn sharing icons to student email notifications and other places. Students can now share their accomplishments directly to LinkedIn right from the email they receive!

Email replies from parents can now go to students

We've added a feature that allows you to filter out replies from parents so that they go directly to the student. Check it out in your Merit settings on the Emails tab. 

Landing Pages Added to Newsroom

We've added the landing pages feature to Newsroom accounts, so that you may now have your Newsroom press releases displayed over a webpage of your choice, such as your institutional site. Check in out in your Merit Settings, then go to the Landing pages tab. 

Learn more about using landing pages here and here

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