Merit Release Notes, February 2020

We've completed a long awaited update to the achievement publishing workflow! New features include:

Simplified workflow for adding students to published achievements

The add students workflow has been simplified, removing steps that were not applicable to the addition process. Learn more about adding students here

New corrections workflow

We've added a simple, streamlined workflow for issuing corrections to the media for the situation when one of your achievements contained mistakes. Learn more about issuing corrections here.

Simplified workflow for achievements that don't require placeholders

The achievement workflow will now automatically adjust if you've chosen to personalize your achievement with placeholders, or if you've decided to skip that personalization. 

Automatic detection of group press release requirements

We're now automatically detecting if your achievement requires a group press release. If your achievement does not require a group release you will no longer see the "group release" tab on the composition step & preview workflow. 

Auto-mapping of spreadsheet headers

We're now auto-mapping the headers from your spreadsheets to Merit's set of required fields when importing spreadsheets for achievements and student imports, saving you time in the publishing process. 

Improved error detection

We've greatly improved our error detection and instructions when composing achievements, directing you to the applicable section of the workflow that requires a correction. 

Achievement Deletion

We've added a new option that allows you to delete an achievement and undo any data changes that occurred because of that achievement. Learn more about achievement deletion here.

Updated preview workflow

The achievement preview workflow has been updated, with the steps re-organized, and a new section to preview your data mapping added.  Learn more about previewing your achievements here

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