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Access Reporting for Newsroom by clicking on the card as highlighted below. 

Press Release Statistics

Press release statistics such as open rate, click through rate, and other details about your press release are shown on the report page. 

  • Emails: Number of individual press release emails sent. Note that this number can be different than the total amount of recipients on the distribution lists used due to de-duping of media contacts with shared emails and duplicates across lists. Additionally, email contacts that are typed in at time of distribution in the free form text boxes are not tracked. 
  • Open Rate: Emails opened divided by emails sent.
  • Click-to-open: Emails clicked divided by emails opened. 
  • Landing Page: Indicates the custom landing page used for this press release, or the default Merit landing page instead. 
  • Distribution: Indicates the distribution lists used for the press release, or the geographic locations that were targeted. 
  • Posted to: Indicates social media accounts that the press release were posted to.
  • Students: Indicates any students from your institution that were mentioned in the article. 
  • Recipients: Indicates the list of media recipients and personal contacts that received the press release. 

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