About the Stakeholder Email Collector

The Stakeholder Email Collector

Increase your distribution by collecting email addresses from the parents, friends, family, mentors, coaches and others who wish to be notified of the achievements your school is publishing about its students. The Stakeholder Email Collector provides is a form they use to provide contact information and receive notifications of their student's success. 

How it Works 

You collect the contact information of people in your students’ network using a simple form. You can share the link below or the QR code with your networks and once complete, Merit matches the information with students in your account and next time an achievement is published all contacts receive the notification of their success. 

Parent Email Collector Form

Click Here for the Link to The Stakeholder Email Collector Form

QR Code to Form 


Asset Library and Marketing Resources 

Merit has created marketing and promotional assets for your school to use to encourage parents, friends, family, mentors, coaches and others who wish to be notified of the achievements your school is publishing about their students to use the Stakeholder Email Collector. 

There are two types of assets provided by Merit. Marketing materials targeted towards students and marketing materials targeted to parents. Each section includes Copy, Images and Mockups of how to syndicate the marketing materials. 

Click Here to Download All the Resources

Student Welcome Email Update

You can customize your welcome email to promote the parent email collector by encouraging students to add others to receive achievement notifications. 

For Example: 

Templated Text: 

In addition to sharing stories online, we'll keep your family, local newspaper, state representatives and former high school apprised of your accomplishments. You can add friends, family, mentors and others to receive achievement notifications when you are awarded an achievement by subscribing them here: https://meritpages.co.securechkout.com/student-updates.

Facebook Posts

Merit created social media posts for you to share with both students and parents. There are multiple social media, images and text to post throughout the academic year. Everything from educating your audiences on what Merit is to reminding people to sign up prior to your honors achievements are published. We recommend sharing these posts periodically in your Facebook Groups, specifically Groups that your students and/or their families are a part of so that the form and sign ups are within a closed network of individuals. 

Click Here to Download the Social Media Assets


Click Here to Download the Promotional Stakeholder Email Collector Flyer

Promotional Video 

We've created a promotional video that can be used to educate all audiences about Merit as well as how to sign up for achievement updates.  

Click Here to Download MP4 or embed the video on your own website. 

Embed code:

<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/732133421?h=bee7eec5e2&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<p><a href="https://vimeo.com/732133421">Sign Up For Student Updates</a> from <a href="https://vimeo.com/meritinc">Merit, Inc.</a> on <a href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Email Templates

We've designed two email templates for you to share the Stakeholder Email Collector with audiences you already have, students and parents. 

Click Here to Download the Email Templates

Parent Email Template

Student Email Template 

Download All the Resources Here


What do you do with the email addresses once collected?

Once the email address is collected, Merit verifies it is an active email address. Once verified, Merit uploads all the information provided information, matching the new parent email to the correct student.  

How do you match the correct email to the correct student? 

Merit matches the student email address provided to the student email addresses in Merit. Once we identify a match, we attach the parent email to that students account. If we do not find a match we void the request. 

How do students monitor who their achievements are sent to?

The way students monitor the email addresses who receive achievement notifications remains the same. Students log into their Merit account; from here they can view all account information as well as see who receives achievement notifications and add or delete email addresses. Learn more here.

Can anyone sign up or is this only for parents?

This is a great opportunity for parents, friends, family, mentors, coaches and others who wish to be notified of the achievements your school is publishing about its students to sign up for notifications.

Does this tool replace the current workflow for uploading parent emails via a spreadsheet?

No, If you currently have access to parent email addresses please continue to upload them into Merit as you currently do. In addition to uploading parent email addresses into Merit you can market the Stakeholder Email Collector and Merit will add these emails to your distribution resulting in an even email larger parent email list. 

We do not import students until the beginning of each semester. Will, we still be able to match collected parent email addresses to students?

Every parent email address and associated student email address import continuously searches for matches over a 6 month period. So regardless of when you import your students each semester your parent email addresses will be matched accordingly, allowing you to continue publishing according to your editorial calendar.

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