The Network Section

What is the Network section?

The Network tab is where you'll find information about the stakeholders you're connected to through Merit, and which students at your school are connected to those stakeholders. 

How is the Network section organized?

The Network section is divided into 5 separate tabs, and within those tabs you can click to view a more detailed view of the schools, organizations, and media outlets you see there. 

Tabs in the Network section:

  • High Schools - High schools you're connected to
  • Community Colleges - Community colleges you're connected to
  • Media - Media organizations within your reach
  • Government - Government representatives within your reach
  • Other - Other types of organizations you're connected to, like honor societies.

Clicking on any card in the Network section will open up a detail page for that organization. These detail pages will offer some basic information about the organization and show you how strong your connection is to that organization:

Note: The details on organization pages may vary. For example, high school pages include the school's CEEB code, and media pages include basic contact information.

On any organization page, you can click on any student to open up a lightbox open for that person:


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