Dashboard Analytics

Your Merit dashboard is your homebase for everything you can do in your Merit account, but it's also a place where you'll gain insights into just how far your school's reach goes. The Dashboard is broken up into sections:

Network Map
Network Stats
Recent Stories
From Your Network

Network Map

The Network Map offers details about your school's geographic reach and the local regions you can distribute to. You can use it to see how many students you have from various regions, and even check out the media, high schools, and government representatives you're eligible to reach. 

The Merit Network bar

The Network bar gives you some basic information about the audiences you're reaching. Here you'll see some stats about the students, parent, high schools, newspapers, and government within your network.

*Note that the Network Bar stats are related to current (non-graduated) students. 


Here's a brief description of each sub-section of your Merit Network Bar:


  • The total number of active (not graduated) students 
  • How many of those students have stories published on their Merit pages
  • The number of achievements appearing on your school's page
  • The percentage of students who have viewed their Merit page after receiving an achievement email


  • The total number of parents associated with your students in Merit 
  • How many of those parents have been emailed a story about their child
  • The total number of stories (emails) delivered to parents
  • The percentage of parents who have viewed their child's Merit page after receiving an achievement email

High Schools:

  • The total number of high schools associated with your students in Merit
  • How many of those high schools have been emailed a story about their alumni
  • The total number of alumni stories delivered to high schools
  • How many times high schools have shared stories about your students on their Merit page


  • The total number of newspapers/media associated with your students in Merit
  • How many of those media outlets you've emailed a story about a local student
  • The total number of press releases delivered to local media outlets
  • An estimate of how many US zip codes your press releases potentially reached, based upon newspapers' coverage areas

Government Reps:

  • The total number of government representatives associated with your students in Merit
  • How many of those reps you've emailed a story about a local student
  • The total number of student stories delivered to these representatives
  • How many times government reps have congratulated your students on Merit

Social Media:

  • The estimated number of times your students' stories were viewed on various social media sites
  • The number of times your students stories were shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & more

Recent Stories

Your Dashboard gives you a look at your recent activity. Your last five achievements will appear under the "Your Recent Stories" section. If you need to see older stories simply click on the "See All Stories" link at the bottom. 

The Achievements page holds information about all of your previously published achievements. You can visit it at any time by clicking on the Achievements tab at the top of your screen. 


The Tasks section of your Dashboard draws your attention to any important things inside Merit that require your attention:

There are four different kinds of alerts that can appear in your Tasks section. Here's some more information about each:


  • Achievements on hold: If a member of Merit's editorial team reviewed an achievement and spotted an error, you'll see a message here highlighted in red. These on hold achievements will not be sent until you've made the necessary corrections.


  • Achievements to review: If a user at your school has submitted an achievement that has not yet been approved by an administrator at your school, you will see an alert here highlighted in yellow.  These achievements will not be sent until they are approved.


  • Upcoming achievements: When you use Merit's achievement calendar to plan ahead, you'll see alerts about past due and upcoming achievements here. 


  • Merit A.I. discoveries: When Merit A.I. crawls a news feed and discovers a story about one of your students, you will see an alert here. Follow the link to create achievements using Merit A.I.'s findings.

From Your Network

Other schools or organizations may publish stories about your students or alumni. If they do, you will see those most recent stories on your Dashboard. 

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