Overview of Co-Curriculars and Rosters

How does Merit's Co-curriculars section work?

The Co-curriculars section of Merit shows you all of the clubs, activities, student groups, and teams that your students are members of. The activities you see here include those added by students and the ones that your school adds. 

What is a roster?

Each co-curricular has a roster of students that you can manage. 

What can I do with rosters?

Student rosters can be used as lists for the purpose of publishing updates to Merit, so you don't have to use a spreadsheet.

Can I add co-curriculars for my school?

Yes, you can add co-curriculars for your school, and you can add students to those co-curriculars. Learn more  here

Where do co-curriculars come from?

Co-curriculars can be added by schools, or added by students.

  1. Added by school: Co-curricular activities can be added by schools using a workflow in the Co-curriculars section of Merit. Activities added by a school are considered "verified" co-curricularsOn a student's Merit page a verified co-curricular would be labeled as such, saying "verified by (your institution)." See: Adding Student Rosters to Co-Curriculars.
  2. Added by students: Students can add a co-curricular activity to their Merit page from their personal account settings. These co-curricular activities added are considered "non-verified." 

How do co-curriculars become verified?

Co-curriculars become verified when they are added by a school. If a co-curricular has been added by a student and it is later added by a school, then the co-curricular  will switch from "added by (student)" to "verified by (school)."

Can I import co-curriculars to Merit?

Yes! And we strongly encourage that you do. Ask your Merit account representative about importing student clubs and co-curriculars into Merit. Contact us to learn more! 

Adding rosters to achievements

Rosters of students can be added to achievements right from the publishing workflow. This allows you to set up specific groups of students, like sports teams, academic clubs, intramural clubs, and any other kind of student group in advance, so that you can add them to achievement later.  

Add roster button in the publishing workflow:

Viewing and Filtering Co-Curriculars

You can search and filter your co-curricular activities, as well as order by popularity or name. 

View/Manage co-curricular details

Click on the name of a co-curricular activity to view its details and click manage activity to edit things like the image, name and description. 


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