Overview of Merit for Faculty

Overview of Merit for Faculty

Merit accounts for faculty let you leverage the caliber of you faculty members to tell the story of your institution, strengthen its reputation, and influence key stakeholders that matter to you, just like you already do with students! With targeted distribution features and and easy to use workflow, you can promote the impact that your faculty have inside and outside the classroom while building a public page for all to see. 

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Key features:

  • Use Merit to publish and distribute stories about your faculty
  • Each faculty member has a Merit landing page to summarize and share their news, and update their pages with projects, publications, and more
  • Stories get automatically posted to each faculty member's Merit page
  • Simplified workflow, no spreadsheets, no placeholders, and powered by Merit A.I.
  • Searchable, public directory makes faculty news and expertise easily accessible

How do I get Faculty Accounts?

Faculty accounts are an add module schools can turn on for Merit. 

Want to add faculty accounts? Contact your customer success representative today. 

How do I get started?

After your faculty account is created, you should follow these steps:

1. Brand your Merit page with photos, bio, and links. Learn how to brand your Merit page here

2. Import your Faculty members. Follow instructions on how to do an import here

3. Create user accounts. Follow instructions to create any new administrative user accounts here

4. Publish your first story. Follow the instructions for sending a press release here.

What can faculty members do?

Faculty members can personalize and update their Merit page in all the same ways that students can, including uploading images, adding a bio, connecting their social media accounts, adding publications, classwork, projects, and more.

Can I manage faculty accounts?

Yes.Unlike student accounts, faculty accounts can be managed with an impersonation feature for each faculty member. 


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