Getting started

Creating achievements in Merit is easy. For every story, there are three things you will need:  

Achievement title and summary

Every achievement you create will have a title and brief summary that accompanies your story on Merit. They should provide some very basic information about the achievement you're sharing and encourage visitors to view the full story. Click the example below or visit the "Achievement title and summary" page for more information:

List of students 

The most important part of every achievement is the people who are part of it. You will need a list of the students you're recognizing. It can be in the form of a spreadsheet, roster, or a list of names/emails of students with Merit pages. Click the image below or visit the "Using a spreadsheet" page to learn more.

Achievement text 

You can create personalized stories for each person on your list. To make this happen, you'll need to write a "fill-in-the-blanks"-style story for the achievement. The story will contain "placeholders" for the personalized data from your spreadsheet or list of students. Click the example below or go to our "Writing an Achievement" page to learn more.

Also, check out our " Sample Templates " page for more ideas.



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