About Newsroom

What is Newsroom?

Newsroom is way for you to send out geographically targeted press releases to local media, without having to maintain your own email lists. It's ideal for sharing news about things like new academic programs, events on campus, awards or honors that your institution has received, and more!

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How does Newsroom work?

Merit gives you access to a network of 15,000+ local media outlets - including daily and non-daily newspapers, TV and radio stations, wire services and websites. You can create custom distribution lists for any city or county in the US and share your press releases with the media there. It even lets you supplement your lists with personal contacts.

For more detailed information about how to use Newsroom, check out these guides:

How to send a press release

How to build a distribution list

Adding Newsroom to your account 

Newsroom is available as an upgrade to any existing Merit account. If you don't see the Newsroom tab inside your account, it's because your school hasn't signed up for it yet. Contact the Merit team at help@meritpages.com or 800-552-2194 for more information.

For more, check out our Newsroom FAQ


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