Local media

There are over 10,500 local media outlets in the Merit network. You can choose to include them when you create an achievement. 

Matching students to newspapers

Merit will automatically match each student up to their hometown newspapers using their postal code. News about a student may go to multiple newspapers if more than one newspaper covers the student's hometown. 

Each newspaper will receive a press release that lists all of the relevant local students. If one person matches up to a newspaper they will receive an individual press release about that one student. If more than one person falls within a newspaper's coverage area, that paper will receive a group press release that lists all of the local students in one story. 

Merit knows which version of the story each paper should receive and which students should be included. All you need to do is write the story and use the appropriate placeholders! 

Emailed press releases 

Press releases delivered to the media are sent from our news@meritpages.com email address. The email subject line is always the press release headline - either the group press release headline or the individual press release headline, depending on what version the paper received. 

Here's an example of an emailed press release:

Photos and attachments

When an image is included in an emailed press release, the file will be hosted online and a link to the hosted file will appear at the bottom of the story. In an effort to improve deliverability, Merit does not embed or attach files to emails. 

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