Adding Student Rosters to Co-curriculars


Adding students to a co-curricular  

Add students to a co-curricular  by clicking the add students button. 

There are 2 options for adding students. You can add a student manually to the form simply by typing in their information, or you can upload a spreadsheet of students. 

*When adding a roster, you can include a student's position within that team or group, such as team captain, founder, president etc...

Option 1: Add a student manually

You can add the student manually by typing their name into the grid. 

**If the student already has a Merit page, you only need to type their email address. If the student does not have a Merit page, then the required fields are: email address, first name, last name and postal code

Option 2: Add students to the roster by uploading a spreadsheet:

Step 1: Click the link to upload a spreadsheet 

Step 2: Choose your file, and click the upload roster button.

Step 3: Map the columns in your spreadsheet with the categories on the left hand side by clicking the drop down boxes. Click the Finished button when complete.

*If your students already have Merit pages, then the only required field is the student's email address. If the students do not have Merit pages, then first name, last name, email address and postal code are required fields. 

Review roster and continue

Review your roster and click the Next button

Review privacy options

Select the appropriate semester and year, and check your privacy settings 

  • Privacy option 1: If "require student approval" is checked, then the activity will be added to the student's Merit page, but it will remain private. The student will be able to see the activity in their Merit page account settings, and can choose to make it public if they wish. Each student will receive an email notification letting them know that the activity has been added to their account, but it remains private. 
  • Privacy option 2: If "require student approval" is unchecked, then the activity will be made public on the student's Merit page.  Each student will receive an email notification letting them know that the c o-curricular  has been added to their account, and they can choose to make it private by adjusting their Merit page account settings. 

Click Apply Changes to complete the process of adding students to this roster. 

The student experience 

After you add a roster of students to an activity, a few things happen:

  1. The student will be sent an email, notifying them that a co-curricular  has been added to their page
    Depending on the privacy settings you selected, the c
  2. Depending on the privacy settings you selected, the co-curricular  will either be public or private on the student's Merit page. 
  3. When the co-curricular  is made public, it is labeled as "verified by (your university)" on the student's Merit page.  

Example email:

Activities shown on Merit page:


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